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9 Creepy Podcasts To Listen To with the Lights On – Beyond

Bustle features Mike Kelton’s Beyond in their list of 9 Creepy Podcasts to Listen To With The Lights On. Follow their advice.

Host Mike Kelton is first and foremost a comedian, but what is revealed to listeners in his podcast is that he’s a deeply spiritual empath with a knack for finding himself feeling particularly eloquent in otherworldly situations. Beyond is a cannon ball into the spirit world. As a listener, it’s easy to take Kelton’s hand, following his charisma and punchy sass, but then you find yourself down a dark hole where there are heavy-footed ghosts in the night and demonic furniture pieces in the living room. Listening to Beyond is like this: “Hahahaha! Ha ha! Ha! Ha— Wait, what? WHAT? STOP! Noooo! Oh. My. God.”