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Best Comedy Podcasts to Binge- Beyond

Mike Kelton’s podcast, Beyond, is featured in Vulture’s Best Comedy Podcasts to Binge- seasons 1 and 2.

Over ten years ago, host and comedian Mike Kelton, a “vessel for the ‘uni’” (universe), had a simple interaction with a doorman that changed his life forever. Last year, it inspired a nine-month docu-podcast journey to answer one question: Is this doorman Kelton’s guardian angel? Each episode of Beyond’s second season feeds the answer and ponders whether or not strangers come into our lives for a reason. According to Kelton, this was “too big of a topic to take on for season one.” (And last season he discovered he shared a past life with his boyfriend and mom. So.) I can’t tell you much more. You don’t want any of this spooky, playful, possibly angelic investigation — that’s right, a real-time investigation — spoiled.