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10 Podcasts for Long Walks by Yourself

Las Culturistas, Seek Treatment, Iconography, and What Makes U Sing? are spotlighted in Bustle’s list of 10 Podcasts For Long Walks By Yourself.

If you have yet to join the cult that is Las Culturistas, now is the time to get indoctrinated… It is the culture that will make you say “culture is for me.”


Iconography, hosted by comedians Ayo Edebiri and Olivia Craighead, is stan culture at its best and funniest. Each episode features deep dives into a celebrity’s life and career as well as what celebrities they want to buy, sell, or hold a la the stock market. If you too treat celeb culture as capital, you’ll be a fan of Iconography.


If you are not worshiping at the altar of Catherine Cohen and Pat Regan, what are you even doing? Seek Treatment, in the hosts’ words, is a comedy podcast about “boys, sex, fucking, dating, and love.” It’s funny and honest and feels like listening to your friends’ group text read aloud if your friends were coocoo looloo, which—honestly?—they should be.


Larry Owens, What Makes U Sing? is a podcast about music and the songs that provide the soundtrack to our lives. Each episode features a fellow actor, comedian, or musician, as well as multiple musical serenades by Owen and his guests. You should listen if only because getting to hear Larry Owens sing for free is a gift in and of itself.