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Ad Sales

Welcome Brands, Agencies, and Networks!

Looking for marketing opportunities with the Forever Dog Podcast Network and our incredible lineup of talent and shows? You’ve come to the right place! 

Forever Dog reaches a highly valuable audience and we want to help connect YOUR brand with OUR listeners in the most engaging ways possible. Forever Dog is proud to collaborate with marketers on ad packages as exciting and dynamic as our podcasts. 

Whether you’re an experienced buyer or brand new to podcasting, the Forever Dog Sales Team can find a plan that’s perfect for you. To learn more, please fill out our Contact Form and a member of our Sales Team will be in touch promptly. 

    Advertising Opportunities

    Impression-Based Plans

    Have our hosts plug your product! Buy traditional impression-based plans including pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads.


    Connect Pre, Mid, and Post Roll spots to tell a compelling story.

    Segment Sponsorships

    Sponsor a 3-5-minute segment within a Forever Dog podcast.

    Vertical Buys

    LGBTQ+. Female Focus. African-American Voices. Scale your buy and target specific communities of listeners within our diverse fan base.

    The Brand Ambassador Program

    Have a beloved Forever Dog host represent your brand across our Network!

    The pinnacle of influencer marketing, our Brand Ambassadors learn everything there is to know about your product.

    Then they visit multiple shows across the Network to engage in authentic discussions, explaining your product, communicating your specific campaign goals, and more.

    Own a Show

    Limited Series Sponsorships

    Underwrite or sponsor a Forever Dog “Limited Series”!

    Go big: these sponsorships include cross-network promotion, title art, social media integrations, and can include brand/product integrations right into our limited-run documentary or narrative limited-run programming. 

    Custom Show Creation

    Create your very own podcast with the support of Forever Dog!

    Share your marketing needs and work with our creative team to develop a unique, custom show. Forever Dog will handle everything: from concept through show production through distribution. 

    Special Packages

    Contact Us! There is so much more…

    Two-week blasts, three month campaigns, live show integrations, custom network-wide brand/product celebrations, and so much more. Create a special advertising package around your brand today!