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A Woman’s Smile

Created by Patti Harrison & Lorelei Ramirez

A podcast where Patti Harrison and Lorelei Ramirez talk about, well, everything! But especially the gentle and kind nature of a woman’s smile.

The Comedy Queens of Quarantine

Harper’s Bazaar highlighted the comedy queens that are killing it during quarantine, including Megan Stalter (Confronting Demons), Sydnee Washington (The Unofficial Expert), and Patti Harrison (A Woman’s Smile). This week, presents the Comedy Queens of Quarantine, an interview series […]

Q&A with Patti Harrison- A Woman’s Smile

LA Times features a Q&A with Patti Harrison, cohost of A Woman’s Smile. Patti Harrison is either your favorite young comedian or she will be soon. The podcast “A Woman’s Smile,” which she hosts with fellow comic Lorelei Rodriguez, is […]

National Lampoon Radio Hour Returns as Podcast

Den of Geek highlights the return of ‘iconic’ National Lampoon Radio Hour– the Podcast. “The National Lampoon Radio Hour is an institution. These inmates do it proud,” Evan Shapiro, President of National Lampoon, said in a statement. The podcast features […]

New Comedy Vanguard Reboots National Lampoon Radio Hour

Paste highlights the buzzworthy cast and creators of the new National Lampoon Radio Hour: Cole Escola, Jo Firestone, Maeve Higgins, Brett Davis, Megan Stalter, Rachel Pegram, Martin Urbano, Lorelei Ramirez, Alex English, and Aaron Jackson. They hired up some of […]

A Woman’s Smile Returns for Season 2

Patti Harrison and Lorelei Ramirez bring back A Woman’s Smile for a second season of “upsetting-in-a-good-way” adventures, surreal soundscapes, and fake ads. In this comeback ep, Lorelei Ramirez talks about sleeping with an OB/GYN with “round teeth,” and Patti Harrison […]

Lorelei Ramirez Stans David Lynch on Iconography

Lorelei Ramirez joins Ayo Edebiri and Olivia Craighead on Iconography to talk all things David Lynch. Vulture recommends. It’s safe to say this is the only discussion of David Lynch’s filmography that will make key points like “Eraserhead is kind […]

National Lampoon Radio Hour to Feature Alt Comedy Supergroup

Forever Dog and National Lampoon tapped alt comedy icons Cole Escola and Jo Firestone to helm the National Lampoon Radio Hour relaunch. Joining them will be Rachel Pegram, Brett Davis, Maeve Higgins, Alex English, Lorelei Ramirez, Megan Stalter, Aaron Jackson, […]

Patti Harrison and Dark Humor On A Woman’s Smile

Vice profiles Patti Harrison, cohost of A Woman’s Smile, on using dark humor for good. Harrison is uncompromising in her art, choosing to take part only in projects that both appeal to her and amplify the stories of marginalized trans […]

Vulture’s This Week in Comedy Podcasts – A Woman’s Smile

Smile…Vulture calls A Woman’s Smile (Patti Harrison and Lorelei Ramirez) a “stylish” listen and one of the top listens of the week. READ MORE AT VULTURE What the world needs now ain’t love, baby – it’s a scathing, absurdist, intersectional, […]